Virtual Interviewer

A unique, user friendly, Virtual Interviewer system that slashes recruitment time (two minute set up time), speeds up the interview process and allows candidate marketing to multiple prospective employers.

The right people unlock the profit potential in your business.

Now you can replace the initial telephone screening with a video systematically view candidates from a distance.

No need to form a relationship until you are reasonably sure that the person has the right attributes. Share the videos with all stakeholders before getting face to face.

Virtual interviewing helps you to gain insight on candidates that you couldn't ever get from a piece of paper or a phone call, allowing you to make better decisions about the candidates you select for a personal interview.

Anywhere: Anytime: Anyplace:

The Virtual interviewer is highly versatile. It lets you customise and publish different types of interviews.

  • Video interviews – Your recruiters will be able to read and analyse candidate’s body language. It's the closest thing to an in-person interview.

  • Audio interviews - Option to participate in an audio or video only interview.

  • Text interviews - When questions require "yes or no" or multiple possible answers.

  • Combination interviews - This type of interview lets you ask a combination of video, audio and text-based questions.

  • Random-order interviews - Create a more challenging kind of interview by making it difficult for candidates to guess what type of questions are going to be asked. The system will randomly select questions from different categories.

  • Integration – Our integration system allows your customers to see and feel, as if our system is yours.

  • Branding – Allows customer logos to be added to website

  • Rating System – Take advantage of our advanced rating system. The system allows you to collaborate with your team through our easy to use communication portal. Enabling all decision makers to assess and rate a candidate with ease and calculate a final collective result.

  • Company Profile – We all know the importance of branding that’s why we have included a simple to use branding system that allows you to add your business logos, company video and social media links.

  • Rejection Management – One of the pain staking jobs for any recruiter or anyone in control of an organisation’s recruitment process is having to send out multiple rejection emails. BUT what if you had a system that made it simple, we have done exactly that with our rejection management process.

  • User Permission – Allows site executives to control user access levels.

  • Candidates can upload video from iPhone if preferred.

  • Market candidates to multiple interested groups or prospective employers.

  • Drag and drop templates into a simple system of sending to groups or individual customers.

  • Pre-prepare text, audio or video questions for candidates.

Here's how it works

A Solution with Many Benefits
Virtual interviewing is an extremely powerful recruitment tool. It can save considerable time and resources and improve the efficiency of any recruiting process. It can also reduce the need for pre-screening and can eliminate the inconvenience and cost of travelling.

Cost Savings...this is an obvious benefit. Some organisations spend lots of money bringing candidates for on-site interviews. They may spend even more bringing selected interviewers to the interview site. For a fraction of that cost, employers can set up a virtual interview.

Time savings...companies can use virtual interviews early on in the interview process to weed out candidates who aren’t a good fit for the role or their organisation. Recorded video applications provide applicants with an opportunity to showcase their personality, skill sets and knowledge and present themselves in their best light.

A faster interview process...virtual interviewing speeds up the interview process and enables an organisation to make a faster decision. Video interviews can be recorded off-line and reviewed at a convenient time.

A larger candidate pool...virtual interviewing expands the talent pool! Employers may have missed previous opportunities for recruiting the most talented individual because the candidate didn’t live nearby, or the budget didn’t include the ability to bring the candidate to the organisation’s site. It’s now possible to draw from a larger pool of qualified applicants.

Reduction in carbon footprint? Video technology reduces travel, which reduces an organisation’s carbon footprint. So, in a society increasingly aware of the impact its choices have on the environment, any tool that fosters a green image benefits an employer’s brand. And candidates who feel good about a company will share that good experience with others and are more likely to accept a job offer.

The majority of today’s jobseekers have access to technology which allows quality video recording and are savvy enough to know how to use it.

Organisations that use virtual interviewing technology not only provide a positive candidate experience, but they enjoy cost savings, faster time-to-hire, a larger candidate pool to draw from and a positive brand image while reducing their environmental impact.

Gain more insight on candidates in a fraction of the time

Video interviews can take place anywhere. It doesn't matter where you are in the world, as long as you have a strong Internet connection and a decent Web camera. Neither the recruiter nor the applicant will have to travel in order to meet and talk.

Because the applicants' responses are recorded online, the recruiter has the luxury of viewing interview results at his or her own convenience.

Now you can systematically view from a distance. Do not form a relationship until you are reasonably sure that the person has the right attributes. Share the videos with all stakeholders before getting face to face.

Benchmark each candidate with a prepared rating system.

Display your company to every applicant visiting the SalesXtra Virtual Interviewer with links to your website.


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