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We believe that for a business like yours to boost profitability and build a steady, consistent and predictable flow of new business customers, you need a systematic process to unlock the profit potential in your business

And that's what we do!

Unlock the profit potential in your business with video marketing. It's all part of your membership.

Too many businesses today outsource their marketing process to the sales team and tell them to drum up business or get out there and cold call.
Too bad it doesn't work that way

Here's the bad news. Cold calling is an act of frivolity. In today's market, cold calling is the most ineffective lead generation tool and the it's the quickest way to lose high-performing salespeople. You invest in your salespeople to do a specific job; to convert opportunities into sales. You invest in marketing strategies to create the opportunities for the salespeople. Today's salespeople do not have either the time or willingness to focus on lead generation prospecting and converting opportunities. One or the other ALWAYS suffers.

Continuous Marketing = Consistent flow of new business opportunities.

Successful businesses have a continuous marketing program to generate a steady, consistent and predictable flow of interest from new prospects.

Marketing should provide sufficient momentum for every salesperson to have a minimum of one good quality lead every day. Preferably before the customer becomes active.

By removing the antiquated idea of multi-tasking and separating the functions, the dedicated marketing process and resources will increase the quantity and quality of activity happening at the top of the sales funnel.

A unique digital marketing system to unlock the profit potential in our customer’s business through continuous low cost video messaging.

Reach thousands of decision makers at the touch of a button.

How many decision makers can your salespeople tell their story to in any working day? Three, four, five, at the very best?

With animated video brochure marketing you can reach hundreds or thousands of decision makers EVERY day. Anytime. Anywhere. Video brochures put your message right in front of the decision maker. No gatekeepers. No appointment necessary. The interest generated by interactive video brochures delivers 10 x the response rate of normal print marketing and is twice as effective as the average sales meeting.

View a selection of V Marketing videos below. Each is tailored to your brand and company

Personal video marketing is a powerful new method of communication with individuals or mass prospecting.
Video separates salespeople from the mass of digital marketing and dramatically increases the contact to conversion ratio.
Video allows salespeople to present themselves to prospects in an engaging story-telling and authentic manner. The tone of their voice, the body language, as well as background and surroundings, all of these elements in video allow the salesperson to tell a more compelling story than email.
Video humanises the act of selling by showing a real person, who can directly address a prospect and their needs, offering a solution. It’s the next best thing to meeting someone face-to-face.

Every member of your sales team has unlimited access to SalesXtra VMarketing tools. Here salespeople will be able to create personal marketing videos to become a Key Person of Influence and carry out their Tsunami Marketing activities.

Simple and easy to create. Exceptionally cost effective.

You'll be amazed at how easy it is to create, manage and deliver video marketing campaigns in just 3 simple steps.

When you become a member you will receive:
  • Unlimited video emails
  • Unique landing page with links to website or special promotions
  • Automatic video start when landing in prospects in-box
  • The worlds' most advanced and easy to use editor to create fantastic video brochures
  • Campaign Automation
  • Campaign Tracking: open/clicks/plays etc
  • Market to multiple groups
  • Integration with customer’s website
  • Email and Phone support


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